Northampton Partnership Homes - Delivery Plan 2018-19

Welcome to NPH performance online.

NPH's five year Delivery Plan was approved by the NPH Board in November 2014. This sets out our vision, mission and values, and our ambitions for our first five years of operation.

We have now completed our third year of operation. Click on 'The Delivery Plan 2018-19' to view or download the full details of our latest plan. The plan gives information about achievements to date as well as our plans for 2018-19 and the current challenges and opportunities we face.

To help us monitor our performance a number of measures have been selected and are shared here.


Quality homes and estates

Deliver and maintain high quality homes and estates


Customer focussed

Deliver high quality and customer focused housing services


Opportunity and access for all

Improve empowerment, opportunity and access for all


Maximising partnership

Develop and maximise partnerships to build stronger, safer and thriving communities in Northampton


Being an effective organisation

Be an open, inclusive, effectively managed and trusted organisation


Survey of tenants and residents (STAR)

Results of the biannual Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) which took place during the summer of 2017